Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD

  • Amazon prohibits the sale of products containing cannabidiol
  • Searching for “CBD” on Amazon returns over 7,000 results
  • These products often contain HEMP SEED OIL, not CBD
  • There are still valuable books and educational resources about CBD available on Amazon

The CBD revolution is here, and it seems like everyone you know is urging you to try it. So, you do what any modern-day consumer would do and pop those three buzz worthy letters into your Amazon search bar. You see that their best seller is a 2-pack of hemp oil extract for the low price of $26.95—what a steal! You thought CBD was supposed to be expensive. And with prime shipping, you can get it as soon as tomorrow! You hit “order now” and immediately feel a sense of self gratification.

Little do you know, the products being sent to your doorstep are not the same as the CBD products you’ve heard about. In fact, they likely contain no CBD at all. You just paid a premium for “hemp oil”—an extract that’s produced by cold-pressing hemp seeds.

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A Clever Ruse

CBD’s increase in popularity is well deserved. But like any new wellness trend, bad actors are attempting to capitalize on consumer interest. A majority of these products are designed to appear as if they contain CBD when, in reality, they don’t.

The main ingredient in these hemp products listed on Amazon is hemp seed oil. Often cold-pressed, hemp seed oil contains virtually no cannabinoids whatsoever. But that doesn’t stop these brands from attempting to ride the CBD wave.

The packaging touts benefits that consumers often associate with CBD products, such as “soothing & relaxing” and “anti-inflammatory.” It goes without saying that these claims require more scientific evidence, and using these statements to promote products that contain no CBD whatsoever is extremely misleading.

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Not Without Benefits

Hemp seed oil still has its uses. It’s highly nutritious and includes a multitude of vitamins and fatty acids. It’s used in skin and hair care products, great for cooking and can also be utilized in the production of certain plastics.

That being said, it is not the same as CBD oil. If you don’t have the time to research the product you’re buying, at the very least take a moment to read the ingredients. If the main ingredient is hemp seed oil, and not CBD or cannabidiol, you could be buying the wrong product.

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The Real Deal

CBD is traditionally extracted from industrial hemp flowers, stalks and leaves. The cannabinoid can only be obtained from a fully grown plant, not its seeds. The hemp used to extract CBD is typically bred and cultivated by responsible farmers specifically for these products. Per the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp will always contain below 0.3% THC.

Whether you’re purchasing a tincture, gummies or even a bath bomb, make sure it contains cannabidiol or CBD, and not just hemp seed oil.


Abusing a Lack of Regulation

One of the overarching problems with a lack of regulation is that companies are easily able to mislead consumers with their marketing. The lack of control has also put restrictions on what genuine CBD companies can say about their products, leading to even more misinformation among consumers.

As CBD becomes more regulated, we hope that Amazon will consider allowing the sale of compliant CBD tinctures, CBD gummies and CBD topicals.

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Genuine CBD Guaranteed

While CBD is allegedly being sold on Amazon, these products will never be properly labeled under the e-commerce site’s current rules. Instead of CBD, companies will use terms such as “hemp extract” to avoid being taken down. At the moment, purchasing “CBD” products from Amazon is simply not worth the risk for many consumers.

When buying a CBD product, go straight to the source. Do your research on reputable brands and purchase directly from their website. We have done the research for you and lonely list the best CBD products on our website. Please go and click on any product, which will take you directly to their website for more information on any product.

Article written by Mile High Labs (2019)