A relaxing 20-minute bath has countless benefits. Including heightened mood, lowered cortisol levels, reduced inflammation, relief from chronic skin and pain conditions. All of which are compounded by the introduction of CBD.

CBD Bath Bombs provide full-body stress relief and relaxation. In contrast to other products, bath bombs allow you to soak your entire body in a rejuvenating combination of CBD, essential oils, epsom salt, and all-natural aromatic fragrances. As the bath bomb dissolves, your skin will quickly begin absorbing the CBD, delivering its effects soon after contact.

Muscle Relaxing

The combination of hot water and CBD bath bomb can help relieve muscle pain. To help relieve muscle tension even further, consider localized self-massages and sitting stretches during your bath. 

Skin Healing

Bath bomb can be used to treat skin conditions like eczema and there are those that swear by its healing powers. Use your CBD bath bomb to heal skin conditions and increase your sense of calm. 

Inflammation Reducing

While a bath alone has countless benefits, they’re compounded with the introduction of healing salts, like Epsom and Dead Sea salts, and CBD. CBD is anti-inflammatory by nature and, when combined with detoxifying mineral salts, it’s anti-inflammatory effects are heightened for a relaxing and purifying bathing experience. 

Stress Relieving 

Studies show that laying horizontally, particularly in a body of water, reduces stress and helps us relax – likely because this state mimics the comfort of the womb. Ideal bathing conditions like dim lighting within a quiet environment also offer basic respite from a busy day or home environment. Which results in an elevated mood.

Sleep Inducing

A warm bath before bed can help prepare your body for sleep. You body temperature decreases naturally as we prepare for sleep and, as we enter the cool air after a warm bath. We kickstart the cooling down process and activate the production of natural melatonin. Give a CBD bath bomb a try.