To Grow The Best Cannabis, You Must Have The Best Equipment!

The Perfect Indoor Grow Solution

Grobo designs and manufactures the world’s best automated home grow boxes.

Add their seed, Select a grow recipe from our app and Enjoy the harvest!

Complete Grow Packages



It has never been easier to build your own organic and robust home grow. Our team of grow-at-home experts have designed and tested the perfect indoor system for experienced and aspiring growers alike. 

Grow, harvest, and smoke what you want, when you want, for a fraction of dispensary prices.


Our kits are perfect for the first time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. It contains everything you need to have a healthy harvest at home. Follow our simple Grow Guide and you’ll save money while enjoying your own clean, green stash in as little as 80 days! Just add water, seed, and sun.


Supercloset brings you the best selling grow cabinets, grow rooms and hydroponic systems. Made for beginners, essential for professionals “Grow with the Best, Harvest the Best”- Your quality and yields are only as good as the room you grow in. If you are not growing in a Super Room, you may as well not be growing at all.


At GrowAce we take the guesswork out of building your next grow room by giving you everything you need to grow big yields with our complete grow kits. Whether you’re looking to grow with H.P.S. & M.H. grow lights or L.E.D.’s, set up a complete grow tent or convert your entire room into a garden or grow box, we’ve got everything you need in one package. Our complete grow tent kits come with nutrients and air ventilation systems led grow kits, grow lights and extras. Our complete grow kits make growing simple- just plugin, set up, and grow.


Why Should I Use A Grow Tent?

A grow tent offers several advantages, compared to not using one. They are energy efficient, helps reduce odors, eliminate pest infestation, best use of lighting, grow all year-round, use of space, climate control, easy to set up and it’s a complete system. A grow tent will maximise the quality and yield of your harvest, as it helps you to closely control the growing process 100%.

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